Apollo intragastric balloon ®
 It is an alternative non-surgical and non-pharmacological system for the treatment of obesity. It is designed to cause a temporary loss of weight in obese patients, by partially filling the stomach and helping them feel a sense of satisfied and fullness.


Short-term treatment is indicated in the following cases:

1. Patients with mild to moderate obesity, with significant risks to their health related to their obesity and who have failed to achieve and maintain a weight loss with other methods or programs supervised by doctors.

 2. The BIB system is also usable for the temporary loss of weight in severely obese patients (or super obese with a BMI> 50), to help them reduce the surgical risk in preparation for a more definitive surgery.

3. Obese patients who are candidates for surgery but who are at high risk or who simply reject surgery as the only alternative treatment.


• Large Hiatal hernia with symptomatic RGE

• Gastric or duodenal ulcer

• Malignancy

• No tolerance

• Not willing to change habits

• Believe in magical effects

• Pregnancy

  The intragastric balloon is made of high quality silicone, durable and resistant to stomach acid, is designed to be used in conjunction with a supervised long-term diet and in context with a habit modification program, to help the patient maintain Weight loss once the appliance is removed. The intragastric balloon is introduced into the stomach endoscopically (through the mouth), without the need for surgery, is placed deflated with topical anesthesia in the throat and with deep sedation given by an anesthesiologist, without the need for general anesthesia. The balloon is then filled with saline using a total volume between 400 to 800 ml, mixed with a blue tincture of methylene to detect spontaneous ruptures during treatment. The procedure usually lasts 20 to 30 minutes and does not require an overnight hospital stay in the vast majority of cases. Once filled the balloon is too large to pass to the intestines and will float freely within the stomach.

The orbiting system can be used for 6 months. It is not recommended for longer periods. Over time, acid and stomach bacteria will weaken the balloon material and cause it to deflate. The use of medications that reduce stomach acid during these months is recommended to reduce stomach and balloon damage. If the balloon is deflated or broken prematurely, you will notice a change in urine color, due to the dye that is injected as a safety mechanism inside the balloon.

This technique offers a good possibility to reduce body weight, on average the weight loss is in the range of about 15 to 20 kgs. 5 months after the placement of the balloon. After 6 months the balloon can be deflated and removed endoscopically without difficulty. Consecutive balloons can be placed to extend the treatment if necessary.